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Most of us had built, are building or plan to build.

Regardless such clear market needs, it often happens, that the effect of cooperation with construction industry’ contractors, is dissatisfaction. In my humble opinion – in most of the cases – it happens because of incomplete involvment of the companies, resulting in lack of findings for better solutions, which is as well consequence of missing transparency and efficient communication, along with coherent maintenance system of client and contractor.

Receiving ready-made project or preparing it with architect, many professionals don’t even approach to make honest analyze of the project, regarding possible alternatives, not taking into account results of unconsidered possibilities.

In economy, it is appraised as „value of the lost chance”.



In course of a large investments, many times, change of few parameters can possibly give massive benefits! Usually I had been encountering cases, where investor didn’t even know, how much money does he loose, while not approaching to the optimization.

Cooperating with us, through of all the project’s phases – we are choosing next steps together, trying to generate savings for Client and avoiding further expensive additional works – in effect reducing unforeseen problems and mistakes to minimum.




My name is Mateusz Grzywa and I am owner of the company.

My professional career had started really fast. Thanks to hard work and suport of wonderful people, working in Poland and abroad, I have acquired priceless experience for me. Begining with work at the grass roots, through steering of construction works and deliveries, ending up with tender services and contract management – I had oppurtunities to raise myself during meaningful construction projects, cooperating with specialists from leading companies of Polish market and foreign companies, in the processes of multimilion construction orders.

On daily basis, I am cooperating with various companies in construction branch, helping them with investments and typical building works, as well as in tenders, contracts and valuations. I have a lot of cooperatives, with whom, we are commonly realising orders.
From the range of designers, electricians and plumbers, through construction companies, to wholesalers and specialistic suppliers.

I cordially invite to use my services. I am doing everything to work in such a way, to allways adapt the best solutions to you, in theirs’ most valuable manners, putting into this process my whole energy and enthusiasm.

„Winners do what losers don’t want to do”
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.